I’m Myra Medhurst and welcome to my website, MM Productions. I’m an Australian based freelance Special Events Manager that specialises in creative production, event planning and production management.

Since 2005 I’ve been working with a wide variety of clients from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Los Angeles offering complete delivery of special events, entertainment programming, event production and event consultancy.

As a freelance special events manager I’ve been able to work with people from all over the world delivering high-impact and high-profile events. I love working with others that are passionate about what they do.   I’m proud to say that I’ve delivered events including:

  • mass scale events
  • community and cultural events
  • outdoor music festivals
  • corporate functions and workshops
  • art exhibitions
  • professional seminars and conferences
  • international speaking tours
  • fundraising events
  • government delegations
  • gala dinners
  • university programs

Doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up, large corporation or a Not-For-Profit looking for an experienced and passionate events manager get in touch with me ASAP to receive your FREE 1 hour consultation to discuss your event and project needs. I think we’d work well together.



My services encompass every detail of your event; on any scale. I apply creative, lateral thinking to ensure every question is answered with a solution and that every box is ticked. 

I aim to deliver highly successful event outcomes while consistently offering a polished, responsive and professional experience for each of my clients. My experience includes mass scale public events (in excess of 70,000), corporate functions and conferences, cultural and musical festivals, exhibitions and charity fundraisers as well and providing expert consultation on a range of projects including corporate videos and editing.

As a freelance special events manager I pride myself on building strong relationships. Clients, stakeholders, authorities and staff are all as important to me as they are to your event, and I make the management of these relationships a priority. I like what I do, I like the people I work with and in turn I find they like working with me.

You name it, I’ve event managed it:

  • International Human Rights Conference
  • Luncheons for the Governor General, Prime Minister of Australia and Leader of the Opposition
  • Corporate functions and workshops for financial institutions, universities and management consultancy firms
  • Chinese New Year, City of Melbourne
  • New Years Eve – Fireworks, City of Melbourne
  • Moomba Waterfest Parade
  • Australia Unlimited Summit 3 Day Conference
  • Celebrating the canonisation of Mary MacKillop – Archdiocese of Melbourne
  • International delegations of high-profiled and government officials
  • University programs – student orientation week and recruiting new students
  • Outdoor music and community events for various City Councils
  • Personal Development seminars
  • International Speaking tours for high-profiled authors
  • Charity Walks for NFPs
  • Fundraising events and gala dinners

As you can see, I’ve been a leader in the Australian events industry for some time and am renowned as an industry specialist in delivering high-impact and high-profile events.



I believe every event, no matter how small or large, needs to be memorable, safe and extensively supported.

I’m results driven and work with your budget to ensure specific event outcomes are met while maintaining the highest standards of quality, care and service. I understand the importance of concise communication and effective reporting to clients incorporating all your budget concerns, event planning and offer transparency throughout the entire process.

On each and every event I provide simple, clear and creative solutions to complex event problems. With close to ten years experience, I’m renowned as an industry specialist and combined with my technical knowledge I’m able to quickly and easily remove those daunting obstacles facing many client looking to deliver their special event.

A List of what I do Best!

I’m able to offer the following services:

  • Event Consultancy – including, idea conception, artistic direction, fundraising, marketing and event execution
  • Event Production – including, multi-layered festivals
  • Event Programming – including, workshop formats, plenary sessions, food & beverage service and entertainment
  • Event Planning – including, contracts, timelines, budget, traffic management plans and contingency plans
  • Event Administration Support – including, reporting, ticketing, run-sheets, speaker notes and conference participant packs
  • Event Registration – including, sales desk management, travel and accommodation bookings
  • Artist and Entertainment Management – including, sourcing, booking and stage management
  • Event Design – including, creative themes, styling, branding, furniture hire and merchandise
  • Event Recruitment – including, hiring, training and leading teams



Is My Event is Too Big/Too Small?

I believe every event, no matter how small or large, needs to be memorable, safe and extensively supported. As an experienced event manager I can help in many ways and I’m proud to say that I’ve worked on events from as small as eight delegates to over 50,00 festival goers.

How long can we hire your services for?

I work with you and the requirements of your event. For example, I’ve been booked for a 24hr period to assist with stage management at an outdoor music festival.  In contrast, I’ve been contracted for nine months on a multi-layered four day international conference.  I find most clients require my services from between 1 to 4 months.

What about Sub-Contracting?

Yes, this arrangement works very well. More often than not, event management companies contact me and will sub-contract one or two elements of the event to me, for example: event registration and/or entertainment programming. I can be set up with your company email and take care of all your event registrations freeing up your in-house event team to take care of all the other elements.

Can we book you in advance?

Yes, it’s my preferred way of working. I can be booked in advance and therefore we would agree on an estimated start and end date for your event. I draw up a straight-forward contract to make sure we are all on the same page. NOTE: I’m the first to understand the fickle nature of events and sometimes timeframes change – so I like to keep communication channels open at all times. Please let me know ASAP if your timeframes shift and I will do the same.

How much do you charge?

Unfortunately I can’t answer that until I know more about the scope and timeframe of your event.  What I can say is that I charge one of three ways – hourly rate, daily rate or components of project complete. Feel free to contact me with all the details of your event and I’ll get back to you with an estimated quote.

Quick HELP ME! Last minute Calls

You will be shocked how many calls I get from a stressed out event teams one week before a big event.  I can help and do accept these requests depending on my current workload and if you’re willing to pay a small “rush” fee. I will do absolutely everything I can to get the job done. I’m here to help in any possible way – even if you’re on a time crunch.

Are you available to commute to our Office/Location?

YES! Depending on other project requirements and travel plans I am willing to meet you and your events team at city offices or on-site at the event venue.   I do travel interstate and overseas to work on events.  I’ve worked on events in all of the Australian capital cities, remote and regional locations and even overseas in Los Angeles, USA.

I have another question

Sure thing, fire away. If I haven’t answered your question here in this FAQ section then please get in contact with me.  I’d love to hear from you!



Without you, our valued clients, I’d not be able to do what I love.

  • American Express
  • Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne
  • City of Melbourne
  • Gil Alan – Channelled Guidance, Australian Tour
  • Logistics Events Australia
  • Monash University
  • Moonee Valley City Council
  • Oxfam Australia
  • Perfect Events
  • Right Angle Events
  • Scope (Vic) Ltd
  • Songlines Aboriginal Music Corporation
  • Stuart Zadel Seminars
  • Success and You, 36th in BRWs Top 100 of ‘Fastest Growing Companies’
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • The Global Foundation
  • The Oaktree Foundation
  • The Victorian State Government
  • Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

Legal bit: We do not claim that these companies or brands endorse our company or services. We list the names above so customers can understand the scope of our work and that large brands trust us!


Myra Medhurst

MM Productions

Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia

M: +61 411 326 553

ABN:  199 84 324 310

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